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An unimaginatively named blog

You may find this rather boring

Phani V K
25 February 1984
I am a generally bored and boring person. I write, or try to. Science fiction mostly (or somethinglikeit). I detest right-wingers everywhere. I have little patience with religion. I have many interests (see interests list). I like reading, and catching up with the news when there is time (no, I mean *really* catching up. Look at these narrowly-acclaimed posts to see what I mean). I rarely have anything interesting or original to say, but some people tend to be like that.

*Ends abruptly*
1984, aldous huxley, alternate history, alternative history, amartya sen, amassing books, anoushka shankar, anti-demagogism, arjuna, artificial intelligence, atheism, bad analogies, being indian, bjp, brave new world, british accents, calvin and hobbes, carnatic classical music, chaat, classical music, coldplay, cricket, cultural anthropology, current affairs, darwinism, delhi, deliberate misinterpretation, democracy, desis, dil chahta hai, dogspeltbackwards, dystopias, eat poop you cat, eddie izzard, f.r.i.e.n.d.s., false history, flying spaghetti monster, free speech, free-thought, freedom of speech, fusion, futurology, fuzon, geopolitics, george carlin, george orwell, glass and concrete, history, humour, ian mcdonald, identity, india, indian food, indian history, inscrutable wills, international affairs, invisible pink unicorn, jerry seinfeld, karsh kale, leprechauns with battleaxes, liberalism, livejournal, lucky ali, mahabharata, mangoes, margaret atwood, mass transit, megalopolises, midival punditz, monsoon wedding, music, mythological fiction, nineteen eighty four, nitin sawhney, no-thing, nothingness, old hindi songs, politics, prem joshua, prententious english, procrastination, rafi, rasgullas, reading, reading the news, reality tv, river of gods, rk narayan, samosas, sarcasm, satire, science fiction, shiny buildings, simcity, skylines, social democracy, social engineering, standup comedy, stephen baxter, straw men, strings (the band), sushmita sen, sustainability, talvin singh, the economist, the history channel, the simpsons, thinking, thoughtlessness, train rides, u2, urban planning, utopia, wikipedia, worldbuilding, writing, xkcd